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5 Simple Tips on Saving Extra Money

In todays world our dollar doesn’t buy what it used to, it’s become a challenge to make our money go further in the current economic climate… but it’s not impossible, here are some simple money saving techniques for you:

1. Decide What Things Are Important To You


Identify the items that you want to have and the items that you need, then reduce your spending by only buying things that are important and needed in your lifestyle.

This ensures that you spend your money only on basic needs like food, transportation, shelter and clothing. These basic necessities are important for your health and security, they are the things that sustain life and should be allowed for in your budget.

2. Always Make A Grocery List And Stick To It

When shopping for groceries always make a list and stick to it. Never go food shopping on an empty stomach, always go after a meal… it stops you from impulse buying because you’re not tempted by hunger.

3. Don’t Buy On Impulse, Be Honest With Yourself

You can avoid “buyers remorse” in the clothing store by trying the item first before considering buying it. Be honest and ask yourself “does this look as good as I thought it would and does it justify the expense” because there are times when we buy things on impulse without considering the cost, the quality (or lack thereof) and suitability.

4. Compare And Be Aware

Woman grocery shopping

Get in the habit of comparing items on their price and also compare stores, don’t limit your options to just one store only. To stop impulse buying, go window shopping first you’ll be amazed at the savings you can make. You’ll find many stores carry the same items and you’ll be surprised at the difference in prices from store to store.5. Medication Should Fix Ills, Not Increase Bills

You can save more money in your household by switching to generic medicines. Generic drugs are basically the same as the branded ones in terms of ingredients and quality. According to the Association of Chain Drug Stores the average price of generic drugs in 2004 was $24, while the average price of the branded ones was $96 and this still applies today. So going generic can save you a lot of money. Hope you found this article interesting and useful. Save Thousands on Grocery Shopping and cook great food!